WE Soar with Power

Brief Description

IEEE PES SBC SCTCE conducted a Pre-STEM school outreach program, "W-E (Women in Engineering) Soar With Power," designed to ignite the passion for engineering and STEM disciplines among 35 girl students from VVHSS (Victory Vocational Higher Secondary School, Nemom). The event, which took place on 14th September 2023, featured an array of engaging activities that left a lasting impact on the participants. It commenced with an inspiring personality development session, followed by an informative career guidance session where experienced professionals shared their insights. The students had the opportunity to explore our college's laboratories, exposing them to advanced technology and real-world STEM applications. The highlight of the event was the captivating demonstration of a buggy designed by our Mekartans team, showcasing engineering principles in action. Additionally, students took on hands-on challenges, including building bridges in a limited time frame, displaying remarkable teamwork and creativity. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with participants expressing newfound interest in engineering and STEM fields, demonstrating the significance of such initiatives in promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM careers. The 35 girls from VVHSS, Nemom, gained invaluable insights into the life of an engineer for a day, igniting their aspirations for a bright future in STEM.

Event Pic/Poster