Industry Trends in Post-Covid World


A webinar on INDUSTRY TRENDS IN POST-COVID WORLD was organized by IEEE Computer Society SCT SB.

Brief Description

IEEE CS SCT SB conducted a webinar-INDUSTRY TRENDS IN POST-COVID WORLD on Wednesday, 20 May 2020. The duration of the webinar was one hour and the main aim was to provide the students with an insight into the post-covid industry trends. The webinar was handled by: 1. Mr. Balaji R-Solutions Manager- Hybrid Cloud and Application Modernization at Google, San Jose California 2. Balaranjith Thangakunam-Leading the Amazon MarketPlace Selling Partner Payments Product, Great Seattle Area The webinar had participants from various branches of SCTCE as well as other colleges and working professionals too. The event proved to be a great success with lots of wonderful feedback from the participants.

Event Pic/Poster

Event Info

Topic Industry Trends in Post-Covid World
Date: 20 May 2020
Venue Online/Google Meet
No Of Participants: 137
Type Talk